Computer security for small business

The annoying and sometimes damaging computer viruses of the 1990s have evolved into full-scale criminal cyber attacks designed to steal your money and information as well as destroy your reputation. In addition, legislation now requires many businesses to implement computer security procedures or else face stiff financial penalties. Onsite PC Doctor works with small businesses in designing and implementing IT security solutions to fit their business needs and budgets, including:

Malware protection

Malware (viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.) is a constant threat in the age of the internet. It is the vehicle that criminal hackers employ to gain access to your confidential data. Onsite PC Doctor will help your business stay protected from malware by employing best-in-class security products.

Email Security and Spam Protection

Email is the most common point of attack for malware. Email spam eats up computer resources and wastes user’s productivity. We employ email security and spam blocking solutions that will help your business run securely and smoothly.

Data Security

Protecting confidential data from unauthorized users is critical to running a business. Onsite PC Doctor will assess your network security and make sure that only the users who need access to data will have that access.

Security Planning and Auditing

When setting up a network, your business needs a security plan. In daily operations, you may need to know who and when accesses data or makes changes to your computers. We plan your network with your security needs in mind, and set up security auditing to ensure that your users are accessing only the data they need.

We areĀ CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Professionals giving you reliable and friendly service. We gladly provide references for all our services. For rate information, see our onsite pc support rates page or callĀ 781-416-4300